2023 Original Food Tours program in Paris!

07/20/2024 08:18 PM

The Parisian Original Food Tours team wishes you a happy 2023 year to come,

This year announces itself as one of the most delicious of the decade: passionate local artisans are invading the food scene of the City of Light more than ever before. Thus, creating Food Tours becomes all the more fun and challenging for the food lovers that we are!

As time goes by, French people become more and more demanding with their food: eating local, in season, whether at home, in the street or in a restaurant, is part of a healthy and natural movement that seems to be growing faster and faster. We’ve been convinced for a long time that visiting Paris with a local foodie tour guide can be much more than a fun experience! Starting a trip in France / Paris with a food tour is the best way for anyone to understand the French way of Life and to avoid the touristy traps forever after.

We are truly excited to take you to the best food places we’ve selected all around Paris! The finest pastries, ice creams, farmer cheeses, cured meat, wines, coffee, local beers and so much more will be all yours!

If you’re still undecided concerning the best 2020 Original Food Tours for you, here are some useful tips to help you making your mind...
  • With your Family our Walking Food Tour in Montmarte is the best choice. A great mix of sweet and savory delicacies among the windmills and the vineyards of the lively Montmartre!
  • For Lovers we recommend you to take the Sweet and Savory Food Tour in Saint-Germain (in the heart of the Left Bank). Plenty of fine tasting in a very romantic atmosphere and setting!
  • If you are Big Foodies join our Marais Food Tour! With its legendary Marché des Enfants Rouges and its several stops you’ll know everything about the Parisian way of eating!
  • If you’ve got a Sweet Tooth, the best for you is to taste the great variety of Pastries and Chocolate Saint-Germain as to offer!
  • The Aligre Market in the morning and the Bistrologie and Wine tour in Montmartre at night, are probably the greatest choices for a bunch a friends who want to have fun and try lots of tasty food in a local and warm atmosphere!

We are looking forward to meeting on a Food Tour,see you very soon in Paris! 

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